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Samir Ghosh

Samir Ghosh

Samir's passions include software, marketing, entrepreneurship, parenting, dogs, triathlons (swimming, biking, running), golf, photography, and nutrition. Samir has been a core member of 3 successful software startups, and management at Microsoft, IBM, and Procter & Gamble. He has lived and worked in US (NYC, Boston, Chicago, LA, San Francisco), Belgium, Holland, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Sweden. Samir loves helping tech companies from early startup through growth stages.

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28Nov 2017

Debate Over RAW is Overcooked

November 28th, 2017|Categories: Photography|Comments Off on Debate Over RAW is Overcooked

I’m surprised how difficult it is to get the raw image files from a professional photographer you hire.  They’ll usually give a reason, like “the finished photo is my art.”  And when I refute all the weak reasons, they almost always rely on, “it’s not my policy.”  This leads me to the conclusion that the real reason is lock-in.  They want you coming back for prints, edits, etc., for which, of course they will charge.  I’m a photographer myself, and I find it difficult to justify not getting raw images.

Here’re some of the arguments they give:

“The final deliverable is my […]

14May 2017

6 Document Collaboration Methods…Compared

May 14th, 2017|Categories: Collaboration, Email, Knowledge Management|Comments Off on 6 Document Collaboration Methods…Compared

Do you collaborate on documents with co-workers? I.e., do you edit the same doc or file (I use “docs” and “files” interchangeably herein) with one or more people sometimes?

Duh, who doesn’t, right?

Unless your company has strict policies, you probably have some options on how you share documents. You could use browser-based apps like Google Docs or Microsoft OfficeOnline. Or you could email file attachments around.

(I can’t believe I’m still writing about email file attachments for doc collab; but alas, status quo is hard to change.)

Different users have different preferences and different […]

10Sep 2015

Collaboration – 3 Steps for selecting the right tools

September 10th, 2015|Categories: Collaboration|Comments Off on Collaboration – 3 Steps for selecting the right tools

I often get asked for recommendations for team collaboration tools.  The advice I give seems overly simplistic to me, but since I get enough compliments about it, I’ll share it here.

I could expound ad nausea on this topic, but I’ll attempt to be brief and offer 3 key steps in selecting a tool or tools:

There’s a plethora of options, most of which overlap (but few play well together), which unfortunately makes things more complicated.

3 Steps to Selecting Collaboration Tools


First, determine what problem(s) you’re trying to solve.  Do you want to improve communications between […]

10Sep 2015

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Upgrade To Windows 10

September 10th, 2015|Categories: New Technology|Comments Off on 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Upgrade To Windows 10

After upgrading to Windows 10, I discovered a bunch of shortcomings…

10. OneDrive placeholders no longer supported.  What?  How do you now use that 1 TB cloud storage you planned on using as virtual storage for your MS Surface?

9. Search in Windows 10 Start is slower

8. Battery system tray icon no longer lets you switch power plans.  It’s now embedded several clicks in the UI.

7. All of a sudden, my monitor overscanning stopped working.

6. If you set OneDrive to not start upon Windows 10 startup, good luck figuring out how to start OneDrive manually (hint: look for OneDrive.exe in Programs)

5. Edge […]