10 Sep 2014

Apple “iWatch”

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It’s hard to know with what to be more impressed — the watch, the technology, the design, the demo video, even the product videography that went into the video is amazing.  Apple still has it after Jobs — albeit, clearly, this product has been in development for years.  What I find myself wondering, is how many things will this disrupt?  I cringe for watchmakers (which have taken a beating from smartphones already) and fitness specialty watches.   Will this cannibalize, a bit, even smart phone usage?  With payment, what will I do with my Coin, which I haven’t even received yet, let alone the phone payment options?  Although…you still need an iPhone to use this iWatch.  “Unfortunately”, I have an Android device, so I find myself wondering, who will/could develop a device even close this cool?  Samsung?  HTC?  Well, maybe some cobbled subset given enough time.  Until then, I live with my Ironman and Tissot trusted timepieces, (who uses those anymore?)   The “iWatch” looks pretty cool, but I did buy an Apple Newton back in the 90’s.  We’ll see.

10 Sep 2014

Webcast: Docker aPaaS for Enterprise Innovation: Are You Ready?

2017-05-16T17:34:14+00:00 September 10th, 2014|DevOps, Docker|Comments Off on Webcast: Docker aPaaS for Enterprise Innovation: Are You Ready?


Docker aPaaS for Enterprise Innovation Here’s a link to the webcast I did on BrightTalk this morning.  Docker is hot. APIs are ubiquitous. aPaaS is finally gaining momentum. And Enterprises are facing increasing business challenges and complexity. How can these trends and technologies help? How does RAADD (Rapid API Application Development and Deployment) foster innovation and agility? How does Docker and Containerization really help optimize app workloads? Find out with Samir Ghosh, CEO of WaveMaker, as he gives you the end-to-end view of Docker aPaaS and talks about steps companies can take to effectively prepare for and leverage these trends and technologies.  I hope you’ll give it a high rating on BrightTalk if you like it.  Thanks!