24 Oct 2012

Social Fills Gap In Business Process Spectrum

2017-05-16T12:25:56+00:00 October 24th, 2012|Collaboration, Email, Social|Comments Off on Social Fills Gap In Business Process Spectrum

Process Long Tail

Within a business, the collective processes can be viewed as a spectrum.  The more repetitive, team-oriented and generic, the more likely there will be a packaged line of business (LOB) application, like CRM, ERP, etc.  More proprietary processes, those linked to the business’s competitive advantage, will likely need BPM solutions or custom applications.  However, if a proprietary process is not highly repeatable, or does not involve many people, individuals tend to choose the tools used – email, spreadsheets, chat, etc.

Processes Matrix

Social Collaboration fills the gap where processes are too proprietary and ad hoc (different enough each time) to warrant a custom or BPM solution, but also too collaborative or team-oriented for email to be an efficient solution.

By leveraging Social Collaboration, these important “long-tail” processes can be also tamed by capturing and sharing learnings, providing transparency for broader contributions, enabling faster responses via self-subscription activity notifications, etc.  These benefits are lost when relying on email, chat, phone and meetings to fill this gap alone.